I have met a lot of individuals who desire to become authorities in their areas of expertise. They want to be that thought leader who is seen on TV, listened to on radio and invited to headline high profile events. However they don’t know how to?

They read of other people’s success stories and ask themselves:” Will I ever be recognised in my area of expertise?” What is your Message?

@stephobi Steph Obi speaks about online courses and starting online businesses, I talk about creating and increasing visibility for business and career success, @thetosinajibade speaks about Influencer marketing. Now your message is not a subject matter that is outside of you, it is that area of life that aligns with skills , expertise and experience. A makeup artiste for example can decide to start talking about the concept of beauty beyond makeup.
Where are your Multitudes?

The pathway to create a lasting impact in your industry is to cater to disciples whom  believe in your message and expertise.

Whatever industry you are in, there are always people waiting for you to guide and empower them through your knowledge and experience.

When  @phoebedamiasolo Phoebe Dami-Asolo released her first-of-its-kind bride guide book: ‘Miss to Mrs’, little did she know that there will be a ‘Multitude’ ( hordes of brides to be)whom after reading her book will need further counsel and instruction. After defining your message and knowing your multitude, what is next?
What is your medium?

Mediums are visibility vehicles you need to leverage on to communicate your expertise. You can decide to start a blog, start a podcast, start a Youtube channel(a vlog), create an email list. The platforms are limitless with the power of the internet.

Over ten years ago, I recall getting a speaking engagement at Okada University even as a student. Apparently they had been following my column on @Businessdayng then and wanted me to come talk to their 100 level students.

Stop sitting on your gold.