In 2015 when my book #Donjazzyfied was released, one of the strategies I deployed was to leverage on celebrity endorsement. Delectable actress Kehinde Bankole @_kehindebankole was gracious enough to help endorse the book.

This helped with the sales and marketability of the book. Her endorsement opened doors. “There are a lot more ‘celebrities’ today than ever before—and given the increasingly ruptured nature of the celebrity market, more and more celebrities are extending beyond their ‘celebrity’ and are becoming personal brands.

During the 2014 Oscars Ellen DeGeneres tweeted a now infamous, celebrity-filled selfie from her Samsung phone. The tweet reached more than 37 million people and is estimated at a $1 billion worth for Samsung.


1. Add value

It is impossible for you to work with an influencer when you are have not added value to their brand in any way. Working with the mindset of what you can give in exchange for the value they command, will get you the result you desire.



2. Work with a celebrity who believes in your product.

If you are an entrepreneur who produces clothes for plus-size ladies , it will be easier for you to get the attention of a celeb or an influencer who advocates for plus-size women than any other individual. Latasha Ngwube @latashalagos is an example of such an individual.


3.Positioning is key

Positioning in this context means you need to be at the right place at the right time. You need to be in places where these celebs or influencers are usually at. The endorsement you desire won’t come knocking at your door. Author, Dayo Samuel @iamdayosamuel recently got an endorsement from the revered Reverend Sam Adeyemi for his book.

This happened at an event and he maximised the opportunity.



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