I have met a lot of empty talkers and I know you have too. Let me share with you the CV of an empty talker.


-Proficient in talking but never doing

-Skilled in mapping out strategies on how to get things done, but never putting in the work

-An expert in proffering solutions, but never being part of the solution

-A don in not taking chances, makes excuses for not getting things done.



An empty talker is that individual that has been talking about what they want to do for years but doesn’t even  take a step towards getting it done.

You are an empty talker if you have been talking about going to the studio to record that song all these years and you are yet to do it.

You are an empty talker If all you do is analyse what is wrong in other people’s projects and never get to do anything about yours

You have been talking about writing a movie script since 1998, in 2008 nothing happened ,this is 2018. Wake up!




An Empty talker is that dude that has been promising that lady what he cannot afford

An Empty talker is the entrepreneur that brags about his mediocre product/ service

An empty talker is that politician that promises CHANGE, but never gives the people the CHANGE they desire.


An empty talker has all the strategies to get things done but will never put in the work that will get the work done

An empty talker   talks about all the right things that should be done, but stays on the wrong lane of life.

Talking is not the substitute for hard work, If you want the stew, get into the kitchen. If you cannot cope with the heat in the kitchen, you are not qualified to eat life’s stew.

Do you know any empty talker? Oya tag them(My hand nor dey there o)


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