Social media has been buzzing with updates of @davidoofficial ‘s #30billionconcert which had many high-points that has sparked a myriad of reactions.

Nigeria is tough at the moment with everyone trying to derive happiness from different outlets.No thanks to the prevailing fuel scarcity and general economic hardship in the country.

While it is good to TURN UP at these concerts and events, you also need to have plans about creating your own ‘ 30 Billion Empire’. #30BillionConcert was already sold out before the day of the event. People bought tickets, spent money and DAVIDO made more money.

I recently learnt that one of the important goals to set as you step into a new year should be your INCOME GOALS.

How much more do you want to make in 2018?

Social media banters won’t pay your bills in 2018

Blaming Buhari won’t pay your bills next year

Hot desire without a strategy will not pay your bills in 2018

Prophetic declarations not backed up by God inspired actions won’t do it too.

While you don’t necessarily have to make 30 billon, but there is a need for you to take your income serious.

Setting financial goals will help you think of creative ways to make money. You will always be required to do something.
Emeka Nobis makes money from writing Ebooks. That is a stream of income he leverages on.

Before your income river dries up, be proactive.
Don’t dull.


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