The snapshot of this newspaper reminds me of my days of small beginnings.

In 2009 ,I was interviewed alongside my friend, Agbolade Omowole in @vanguardnews newspaper. We were university students focused on inspiring youngsters. We spoke on the role of career coaching in youth empowerment.

I was in 200 level when we did this interview back then. Thank God we don’t look like what we have been through.

This is just to encourage anyone out there going through their own moments. Now I am using this story has a tool of inspiration,but it didn’t make sense then.

I recall we didn’t have much money(tfare), when we granted this interview in 2009. However, we didn’t allow our deficiency to stop us from being a blessing.

Don’t allow your deficiency, weakness or shortcoming to stop you from living your dreams.Don’t LEAVE your dreams because of your current standard of LIVING.

It will eventually make sense if you don’t throw in the towel.

What’s your story?


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