You know you’re in a battle right?
Okay, so no actual weapons but you are indeed in a gory combat for the eyes and minds of people.People’s attention is getting undersized by the day.The world is a huge, congested, noisy space where everyone is jockeying for position and fighting to get noticed.
So to overcome this fact, what must you do?
Take a chill pill
In the age of the ‘Lagbajas’ everyone wants to be another ‘Wizkid’
We are all a product of our environment, in this age and time its only wise to connect to what’s the rave of the moment.You know as well as I do, that its common to be lured by a bass thumping, groovy music that makes you hurry to the dance floor.What happens when that same piece of music is being replicated by every artiste?That is what I call brand suicide. I have a client. Let’s call him headstrong.He is an artiste who believes in his craft and shows off his singing ability to anyone who cares to listen to him.Headstrong had a problem. His songs are just one of those Afro-pop tunes that gets uploaded on Notjustok.To get his music in the minds and hearts of the people was like being on a rocking chair. You feel the movement, but you go nowhere. Headstrong’s brand was moving, but it was a dawdling tiresome progression.
Young Erikina…does that get your attention?
Doesn’t your brain go nuts wanting to ask what is the meaning of Erikina?Can you see that immediately catching your attention?That’s one of the branding ‘Stratetricks’ of superstars.Your brand has to trigger people’s curiousity.Olamide does that excellently well.His brand is bold,unapologetic and radical.


Chris ogunlowo in his article Nigerian superstars as diseases describes olamide this way: “ A malignant tumor that involves a blatant display of one’s ethnicity and background combined with traits mostly reserved for touts but interestingly made into a premium musical package that surprises earlier sufferers of the same tumor who faded into obscurity”
As an indigenous language rapper with a significant level of commercial success, Baddo has released 4 good albums in 4 years .This is no mean feat and speaks volumes of his consistency. Consistency in your craft blended with differentiating yourself from the crowd is the pathway to being a sought after brand.
What is the Face of your brand?
The face of your brand has to do with the physical and tangible attributes that makes you stand out.For D.J Spinall, its his cap.According to him: “ I’m probably the only DJ who has a brand as strong as ‘The CAP’ in the whole African continent. I’m not bragging or anything. It’s just what it is. I love fashion and it helped me distinguish myself and at the same time, remind the youth of our culture. The reason for my cap is that I found out that a lot of Africans are not proud of whom they are and it’s sad.”


Even a baby’s voice can make you a superstar?
“Uncle please tell us a story…” the melancholic whimper of a child demands in the intro of P-Square’s ‘I got a Story’ song.Suprisingly,its not a child, no not at all; it’s Helen Paul, ace Nigerian Comedienne who has carved a niche for herself by mimicking a child.
Helen Paul, the famed showbiz personality and entrepreneur puts it this way in an interview: “Talking like a baby comes to me naturally, now that I have a child we both do the baby talk together at home. But now he’s growing up, he will soon outgrow that”.She adopted this style and made it her distinctive brand trait.What one thing can you do that will set you apart from your competitors in your chosen field?Think about this and put it into writing.
This is the koko
Some of the most recognizable stars in Nigeria ‘own’ a word in the minds of their fans. Here are some examples :

Dbanj-Koko,Tongolo,Oshey! File! Ejanla kokolet

Funke Akindele-Gbogbo bigz Girls, Ooouoush!
Consider how crowded the entertainment industry is today with comedians, actresses, musicians, plying their trade and looking for platforms to expand their brand.If you want to stand out, then its wise to work towards owning a word in people’s minds
Is there a niche that isn’t filled that you can fill?
How can you differentiate yourself from others with the word that you own?


It’s time to start taking your craft seriously
Your craft is the only contact people will have with you, before they eventually meet you.So when they listen to your song ,podcast, read your book, use your product …that singular encounter should set them on fire …desiring more of what you offer.Do it with so much energy and passion that they will be begging for more of you because you have added value to them.
I won’t be remembered for the amounts of money stacked in my bank account or the designer clothes sequentially arranged in my wardrobe.I will probably be remembered for adding value to a person who decided not to commit suicide because he had an encounter with my book.That’s impact.Your brand should do that too.The world is waiting for you.


Kehinde Ajose is a talent development strategist, publicist and an air personality.He helps people discover and develop and discover their talents in order to create wealth and become iconic brands.Follow him on Twitter-@splendidkenny




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