At about this time in 2017, I recall ranting on social media over the absence of enough seats at the 2017 edition of the sold out show.

Surprisingly, I am not here to rant today. I am here to talk about how Nigerians have found the ‘AY Live’ product irresistible despite some inadequacies that sometimes pervade the show.
AY Live over the years has become one of the biggest and the most attended comedy shows in Africa.
So what does AY do differently?
How does he consistently get massive crowd to attend his show?
How does he create addictive demand for his brand?

1. Rejection can create a business opportunity

Unknown to many AY was once rejected at Nite of a thousand laughs. He was rejected for repeating a joke he had shared at the first edition of the show held the same day.
According to him: “I had to open my doors for Seyi Law, Elenu and the rest of them. Do you know what it feels like when you take people and introduce them into a system and they live with you? When they called the names of people who were supposed to perform at Nite of a thousand laughs, they mentioned their names but I wasn’t chosen. I was told I wasn’t chosen because I repeated same joke. That sounded like an offence and I wasn’t taken.

So when Seyi Law and Emeka Smith left for that event, I said to myself: ‘ AY I think it’s time for you to open your own church’. Church in this context is to organize my own comedy show. This was what gave birth to the idea of AY Live. You must challenge yourself. What I did was to challenge myself”.

2. Content is King

What makes AY Live phenomenal is that you are bound to expect unique content and delivery. From the drama sketches, skits, performances , AY’s commentary on trending issues, all these add up to make the show thrilling and exciting for the attendees.
Whether you are in business or not, what you offer has to have sterling qualities that will make people keep demanding for it. Make sure your content is unique, engaging and memorable.

3. Leverage on trending issues

I wasn’t shocked when I saw the AY Live poster for 2018. Seeing the recreation of Black Panther in the flier will make fans anticipate and look forward to the show.
To use trends, you need to think about who your audience is – carefully. Look at what they talk about and how you can relate it to your content or what you want to sell.


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