By Kehinde Ajose
The difference between the rich and the poor is not in the tangibles like cars,houses and investments. Its often a function of their mindset.
One of the greatest tools for life transformation is mind transformation. What you allow into your mind takes residence in your life. Yes the economy is bad but never allow it to affect the state of your mind.You need to be intentional about the things you let into your mind. Your mind is unlimited in its potential to create whatever you desire.
In the midst of a downturn there are still myriad of opportunities to make mega money. But wait…..are you even seeing the money? Do you believe money can be made in this bleeding economy? Its either you become a solution to the problem or you become a problem to the solution. Its all a function of your mindset. People travel everyday …just take a look at our airports. Some people will now choose to believe that there is no money. Its all in what you choose to see.
One of the ways to have a possibility mindset is by feeding your mind with positive information. My book #Donjazzyfied will help you to have a possibility mindset.Its about the lessons drawn from @Donjazzy on how to move from best kept secret to becoming a don in your field.Call 08024212530 to order your copy.
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