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Agbolade Omowole is passionate change-maker who is turning his passion into profit. He is the C.E.O, Mascot Information and Technology Solutions, Contributor for Institute of Ethics and Emerging Technology, tech researcher and columnist with Vanguard newspaper.As Kennisplace expert platform debuts, Agbolade reveals costly mistakes brands make on social media.



Unveiling Agbolade Omowole
I am a social media marketer, search engine optimization expert and human capital development professional. As a social media marketer, i help brands to build a social media strategy that will make them connect, engage and appeal to their clients, customers or fans. As a search engine optimization expert, I help my clients to become more visible on the number one search engine in the world, Google. When you rank high on Google, it helps brands to stay ahead of the competition. As a human capital development expert, I help people to reach their goals by using the power of their subsconscious mind using techniques such as Neuro linguistic programming (NLP), palmistry, graphology, and numerology.


Costly errors brands make on social media
There are many errors people make on social media and I have been a victim myself. I have learnt the ropes over time. There are three major errors people make which are:
Overusing the hashtag on Twitter-Adding a trending hashtag to your post may get your post noticed, but if your content is completely unrelated to the hashtag, all that does is alienate your audience. Keep the hashtags to a maximum of two, no matter how relevant they are.
Saying too much – The more you talk, the less interesting what you say becomes most times.These days, most people will decide within the first few words if the post is worth reading all the way through. Use the KISS principle. Keep It Short and Simple.




Also, posting things at the wrong time. Most people just post randomly, which is not effective. As you post more, you’ll be able to see when your audience is most active, but if you’re just getting started, posting on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays may be your safest bet.



Social media tips for entertainers
There are three things you must do:
Put Others First – Don’t be a brand that only talks about itself. Some celebs spend too much time being promotional as opposed to social.
Host a Chat – Build a faithful community of like-minded followers and fans by interviewing popular guests on both Twitter and Facebook. Like a talk show or panel discussion, a chat is simply two or more people talking about a topic of broad appeal.

Give Something Away – People practically come out of the ‘woods’ to participate in contests. While offering something for nothing is almost a surefire way to attract a large following, the prizes you’re offering should be aligned with your brand attributes. Don Jazzy uses this method a lot.


How did you become so passionate about social media?
I am result oriented and I think judging by the result social media has on the way we live our lives, one should be passionate about the technology. A recent research revealed that out of every 7 minutes people spent on the internet, one minute is spent on Facebook alone. Facebook overtook pornography as the most used website by young people. I am passionate about social media because of the future prospect. In the future, you will be able to order for anything you want using Facebook. Online universities will overtake traditional learning in the future such that people will prefer to go to school online than the physical location of the university.The technology that will make this work is social media.


Challenges brands encounter on social media
One of the challenges is that brands needs to increase engagement.Small businesses typically do not have the budgets to conduct extensive market research when completing their buyer personas.
Twitter following
I just tweet about what appeals to me. If it appeals to me, chances are it will appeal to others.



Highpoint of career
Being interviewed in Vanguard Newpaper when I was a 300 level student on the solution to the global economic crunch can be regarded as the highest point of my career.

The future of technology
The future of my career is the integration of future technologies into social media. The technologies are artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, robotics, and genetics. By 2045; it will be possible to print anything directly from your computer including shirts, jewelries, food, etc.



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