Disintegration will create 200-year problem for the continent – Expert

Henry Nnorom a serial entrepreneur, and currently the local president of American federation of government employees local 1048 in America representing over 50 thousand government workers dedicated in the fight against terrorism, said that, “those who advocated for separation, war or any type of civil unrest should understand that any unrest in this part of Africa (Nigeria) will create a 200-year problem for the rest of Africa.”

Nnorom, the son of Comrade CC Nnorom, a former president of the National union of air transport workers in Nigeria made this known in Abuja recently.

According to him, Creating layers of security and ensuring they all talk to each other is the surest way to deal with the problem.

He pointed out that, each state in Nigeria has security allocation in their budget, it is no longer enough to put policemen at check points on the road and hope that will deter criminals we have other options in the modern age that ensure lives and property are safe.

Speaking on artificial intelligence, Agbolade Omowole, the CEO of Mascot I.T disclosed that, “artificial intelligence is all about teaching machines and software programs how to think and act like humans. Computer vision helps machines to see; Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps machines to understand human language.

Agbolade, a technology researcher with focus on biotechnology, public health and artificial intelligence added that, “Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2017, predicted that whichever country leads the way in AI research will come to dominate global affairs.”

Based on that premise, he pointed out that, “artificial intelligence (AI) will play a key role in aiding military information support operations and psychological operations.”

According to him, “AI will facilitate decision making on identifying the attackers’ leadership, collaborators and modus operandi; improve autonomous operations, and increase the scale and speed of military kinetic action. The most developed economies in the world are already leveraging AI for counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations.”

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