I was operating with the “Don’t talk about yourself” mindset. I wanted people to talk about me and get to discover my areas of core competence themselves. You see everyone is busy, busy about the business of their lives…thinking of how to pay their bills and proffer solutions to their own problems.

We were told by the journalism experts that journalists don’t write about themselves nor do they talk about themselves. It’s okay to showcase the successes and milestones of others through our stories, but it’s wrong to showcase our own craft. Personally, I don’t subscribe to such a limiting notion and it has changed the game for me.


It’s a busy world dear. If you want people to patronize your business, there are no two ways about it, you have to talk about it. It’s that simple. Think of creative ways to make people beat a path to your door step. The old axiom remains true: “If Mohammed doesn’t go to the mountain, then the mountain should go to Mohammed”.

There are a lot of people who need what you offer, but how will they discover you, if you don’t showcase and talk about what you do?

When I embarked on the journey of intentionally talking about my expertise, I started generating results and stepping into opportunities I never knew existed.

A closed mouth is not just a closed destiny, it closes the doors of opportunities. You need to wake up! People are already maximizing opportunities in 2018.


If you sell clothes and those around you don’t know that you sell…then you need to wake up.


You are a comedian and you are waiting for them to invite you for a show…you need to wake up


You are a fashion designer, you have refused to wear your own clothes nor do you showcase your beautiful designs… Wake up dear!


You create melodious sounds with your saintly voice but you have refused to even create a 1 minute video that will help show your talent to the world, you need to wake up.

Some people who don’t understand you will criticize you, telling you: “You too like to dey show yourself”.  Just ask them: “Is it your show?”

Don’t be bothered. It’s your life after all.

Don’t let opportunities pass you by. A closed mouth closes the doors of opportunities.



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It is possible. God bless you.





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