Living in a country like Nigeria where power supply is not guaranteed forces one to manage the little power supply that is available

So we are forced to manage,to turn off any thing that consumes power. We are forced to dim our light. To reduce the splendor that is resident where we live.

This analogy captures the kind of live people live. I have heard comments and opinions of people that tempted me to dim my light.
I recall being told that because I have a bad handwriting I won’t be a good writer and countless scathing remarks from people.

This year, you need to resolve not to dim your light no matter what.

You know you should start a business ,but each time that thought crosses your mind you tell yourself:’I am just a micro biology graduate’.

You have compeered several small events, but each time an opportunity to compeer a bigger event knocks on your door, you pass it on to a much more popular compeer.

You have a wonderful wife full of ideas and abilities, but you don’t allow her soar because you are insecure. Don’t dim her light

There will always be situations, events and circumstances that may tempt you to dim your light, to discount your greatness and look for another option. Say no to these things.They are simply distractions on your way to greatness.

Even if PHCN fails you, don’t dim your light.