If Wole Soyinka had waited for the time he would be able to write like Williams Shakespeare, perhaps he might not have been bestowed the Nobel Prize in Literature


If I had waited for the time when I would be able to sell bestselling books like Revd Sam Adeyemi or Chimamanda Adichie, My Books Donjazzyfied and ‘5 costly mistakes entertainers make’, won’t have been birthed.


Adekunle Gold recently had a sold out concert in London, but he didn’t fall for the myth of perfection by just having a burning desire to perform on international platforms, without starting locally.


Don’t fall for the myth of perfection.

Everything doesn’t have to be perfect before you begin to take steps in the actualization of your dream.


When Kehinde John Olagbenjo started out on radio, his intention wasn’t to have a syndicated radio show, he started with a 30 mins show on Radiocontinental(now Max FM) and has now moved on to bigger things including having a business show on TV.


Most times, all you do is close your eyes, spread your wings and fly. The moment you spread those wings, divinity gives you the kind of support and wherewithal you need.


The world is hungry for your giftedness. Don’t allow the myth of perfection stop you.

Make July count!

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