The lion in us didn’t roar when some of us stepped into 2018. That feeling can be compared to your wings being clipped and you suddenly can’t soar.

You lost your desire to chase your dreams, because some of them didn’t come to fruition last year.

This may probably be most important message you will read this year…DON’T LOSE YOUR FIGHT.

Your lost your ‘Ginger’ factor because you were probably comparing your progress to the progress others made.

You got depressed because someone gave up on you, walked out of your life and now you feel depleted and drained,like a phone without a battery.

Its time to get back in the game and fight. You may not have won the trophies,but you are still alive to play the game.

God didn’t give you this life to mess it all up.2018 is another shot at life. Get back into the fight. Get your fight back. I will be waiting to read your tale of victory.

Your grit combined with God’s grace will see you through whatever it is.