Life is about seed time and harvest. For you to savour your harvest, you need to keep sowing seeds, you need to keep planting.

We live in a generation where it is fashionable to act successful than to actually stay committed to paying the price needed for your seeds to germinate. Many want to sleep a pauper and wake up a made man.

You need to be patient enough for your time to come…but you have to keep sowing seeds , you have to keep planting.

Your friend’s time isn’t your time.
Don’t go ahead of yourself in a bid to quicken or fast track your harvest.

A farmer doesn’t give up because his seeds are not yielding just yet .
Don’t stop sowing, don’t stop planting
Keep giving your best at work, to business, to your craft.

Your harvest won’t come if you fail to sow. Stop praying for a harvest when you haven’t sown a seed.

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