Eko Atlantic not a lifeline for average Lagosians- Adeniyi Adeoye, CEO The Drakes Homes

Adeniyi Adeoye, a real estate investment and CEO of The Drakes Homes has averred that the Eko Atlantic project is not a lifeline for Lagosians. The Eko Atlantic is a planned city of Lagos State, Nigeria, being built on land reclaimed from the Atlantic Ocean. Upon completion, the new peninsula is anticipating at least 250,000 residents and a daily flow of 150,000 commuters. It’s been greatly condemned by residents living nearby, saying that ongoing construction works have caused coastal erosion and ocean surges.


Sharing his thoughts on the project, Adeniyi Adeoye said:” Eko Atlantic is not a lifeline for the people of Lagos, but instead a future haven for the ultra-rich, where they can live unaffected by climate change.Nigeria is a nation afflicted with immense disparity, and Lagos is no different. Sixty percent of Nigeria’s population lives on less than a dollar a day, and because of this, Nigeria’s leadership has decided to worsen the issue rather than attempt to take on an impossibly difficult crisis. This is often the case in developing countries because, in order to attract foreign investments, they must marginalize and conceal this vast population in poverty.In reality, Eko Atlantic is merely the ultimate personification of the wealthy’s desires — a land entirely separated from both the poor of Lagos and the effects of rising sea levels. From their shining city, the rich may forget about those in need as not even the elements can hurt them anymore. This is the attitude that the neoliberal elite have taken with climate change and inequality: It would be too costly to fix these issues, so instead, we should seal ourselves off and forget they ever happened”



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