What made the popular storytelling programme, ‘Tales by moonlight’ a success then, wasn’t because it was aired on NTA, and it was simply because we all love to listen to stories. This is the reason why gossip blogs and gossip magazines sell.



We love to read about other people’s milestones and even their  setbacks.


What will be your response if you visit your favourite blog and you see the story of an elephant that can dance. Will you believe?

If they tell you a cat can sing will you believe?



In every sector, the individuals who are game changers are people who change the narrative. Rather than waiting for validation or endorsement from others, they tell their own stories. They endorse themselves. They don’t give the pen of their lives to people to write whatever they like with it. They are proactive storytellers.


The bible says you are fearfully and wonderfully made. This is simply telling anyone who cares to that you are not an afterthought.


Wizkid calls himself the star boy

Banky W calls himself king of the Lagos Party

What name do you call your brand?

What stories do you tell yourself?



Someone once said: “Until lions learn to write, hunters will tell their stories for them”.


When will you start calling yourself the best. You don’t have to be the best to call yourself the best. It is when you start calling yourself the best that forces will align to actualize what you profess.

Check it out, the biggest business brand intentionally employ storytelling in their marketing.

They don’t wait for others to do it for them.


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