It is no longer news that Wizkid ‘s  talk-of –the- town, visuals ‘Fever’ featuring Tiwa Savage as his love interest as amassed one million views in 24 hours.

This was their original plan…to make us pay ATTENTION.


From passionate hugs, lustful stares, and near-kiss situations, Wizkid and Tiwa Savage sure got everyone talking about their new ‘Stew’.

Truth be told, Tiwa Savage’s appearance in the video was needless and unnecessary, but because Wizkid and his team understand the power behind getting you to pay ATTENTION and talk about his music video, they decided to play the Tiwa Savage card.

Now, whether they are dating or not is not the crux of this article. The fact that they made us pay attention to them is the real deal for me.


One of the biggest challenges for today’s businesses and entertainers is how to stand out in a marketplace that’s crowded and noisy. We live in a world of infinite content but finite attention. You can only pay attention to one thing at a time.


First Tiwa starred in the Wizkid video knowing there have always been speculations about them being involved in a romantically involved,, yet she decided to go on with the plan. The video came out, triggered a myriad of opinions. Thereafter, Tiwa calls Wizzy her best friend(Further fuelling the dating speculations). All these are ploys to get us to talk about their new product, ‘Fever’.


They created something  to talk about which has led to you sharing the content, discussing about the content  and commenting  about the content. They needed our ATTENTION and we have given it to them. Congratulations to them.

Now to you the rest of us, can you create a product, service, initiative  that will drive conversations, engagements and make people pay attention to you? The battle for attention is real. Thank you for paying ATTENTION  to this piece.



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