Level 1: Limited visibility

This is the kind of visibility you have when you or your brand is only known by your clients, partners, employees, colleagues and individuals who come in contact with you directly. Your influence is huge here, but external visibility is nonexistent.



Level 2: Local or niche visibility

On this level, you are known in your industry or niche. Your expertise has grown and being amplified beyond those who have direct contact with you. You are known in your niche as a result of the impact and influence you have had on the people there.



Level 3: The next big ‘thing’

You are on this level when your expertise and craft is moving onto an interstate or regional stage. This means your name can be mentioned in Abuja, while you are resident in Abeokuta, you are still known for what you do. You brand has penetrated into the minds of people beyond your physical residence. You have gained name recognition beyond your physical location. On this level, you are becoming a premium brand, commanding higher fees and becoming a role model and influencer to others.



Level 4: The iconic rock star

On this level you are a nationally recognized brand. The likes of Pat Utomi, Biodun Shobanjo,Ibukun Awosika,  Alibaba, Tara Fela Durotoye  are on this level. They are recognized names who have made huge impact within their various sectors. On this level you are a change maker, thought leader .You are an opportunity magnet.Here, the media reference and revere your counsel, opinions and contributions. You are a national treasure


Level 5: The International brand

The likes of Femi Kuti, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Davido, Wizkid are fast climbing the ladder that leads to this stage. These individuals’ visibility and reputation have developed beyond their niche and industry. Their influence extends to many industries and, in some cases, to the general public. Business, nations, premium brands request to be associated with them. Their opinions, thoughts and actions can influence societies and the next generation.



*Where do you belong*?

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