Habits of highly unsuccessful entertainers



Over the years I have observed great entertainers and how they have grown to become strong brands in their sphere of influence .On the flip-side, I have studied the other group of entertainers who seem to be stuck in the mud of stagnation and failure. What habits did they cultivate which made their career lose its vitality and pomp? Now let’s examine these habits.



Impatience is not an issue of talent .It is not an issue of time .It’s about wanting it now.

Yes you can be the best thing that has ever happened since Michael Jackson passed away. I might as well congratulate you for having eyes in your head, but do you have staying power? Impatience can be likened to putting a gun on your head and then pulling the trigger. Nobody gets to the top in a hurry.

Real success is never the result of rush work.


Alibaba, DJ Jimmy Jatt , have been in the entertainment industry for years (though some of them have diversified into some other things),but their first love(entertainment)still takes the centre stage.

As an entertainer, ignore the temptation to be everything to everybody. You are the talk-show host, the compeer, author, public speaker, youth advocate, columnist…..What is the essence of your brand? What is the one thing you do so well above   every other thing? The greatest challenge any entertainer faces is distraction.

Distraction should be feared more than any obstacle because it comes in the most subtle of ways that it derails you without even knowing until you are fully and finally off track.



If you are a highly talented person, you may have a tough time with being criticized. Why? because talented people often think they know it all. Avoiding criticism is not much about competence it’s about attitude. These days celebrities take to Instagram and entertainment blogs, to

vent their dissatisfaction towards anyone who utters any statement they are not pleased with. Yes some trolls just make annoying statements to step on your toes, but avoiding criticism simply means you are not ready to be corrected, and if you can’t be corrected, you can’t grow.

If you don’t grow, you will remain stagnant .It’s a shame when people allow themselves not to be corrected, they get into a rut and never climb out.



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