How Data Analytics boot camp changed my life- Joseph Adeniyi

This is the story of how Techavilly’s Data Analytics boot camp changed my life.I have always had passion for tech.I build websites and quite good with SEO. But I needed to upgrade my knowledge. The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. So I opted for the data analytics boot camp anchored by the delectable Mariam Adeyemi.
In today’s tech-driven society, data touches almost every aspect of our lives. The field of data analytics combines information technology and business management to help companies manage data, gain business insights from it, and develop opportunities for expansion. With such a boom in the use of analytics, having the skills required to work with data isn’t just valuable – it’s all but a necessity. The importance of these skills is only going to become more important in the future as more industries and businesses jump onto the bandwagon, which is why we’re now seeing such a focus on data analytics during higher education.
One of the lessons I learnt is that analytics is everywhere. Analytics is everywhere. Aside from the financial benefits that the high demand for data analytics can provide graduates, the big data boom has also meant that there are all sorts of new opportunities cropping up for talented employees. This could be working in a variety of different industries such as aviation or government, or simply having the opportunity to travel the world. With so many organizations looking to capitalize on data to improve their processes, it’s a hugely exciting time to start a career in analytics.
Techavilly training thought me that being an analytics specialist encompasses so much more than simply knowing how to work with data and solve problems. Yes, those are undoubtedly crucial elements, but data analysts also need to know how to communicate complex information to those without expertise. These communications skills are a vital part of any career, and with the added benefit of being a central part of an organization’s decision-making processes, analytics experts often pick up strong leadership skills as well. It has changed my life. My earning potential has increased.
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