Growing old is good as long as it is backed up with wisdom, experience and results.

In today’s attention economy, novelty plays a crucial role. Ad agency Moosylvania analyzed 15,000 responses from millennials — age 17 to 37 — that the agency has collected over the last five years on their favorite brands. YouTube made the list.

I am not surprised. YouTube is an ever evolving brand. They constantly add new features to the user experience in order to make you keep visiting their platform.

If attention is the currency of marketing, then novelty one of the keys needed to get into the room of attention.

Why do you visit your favourite blogger’s page on Instagram?

It is probably because there is always something new to read.

Everyone loves “new” stuff even if it’s just old stuff with a new addition.

Why is RMD and 2face still super relevant in the ever changing youthful Nigerian entertainment industry?

When last did you listen to the music of Azadus or Marvellous Benjy…everyone loves something new.

A youthful brand is an entity that infuses newness in order not to lose relevance.

Always ask yourself :’Am I presenting anything new or exciting that my target market will find irresistible?

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