When Jesus said ‘Go ye into the world’ he wasn’t talking about community influence, he meant global influence. Your Influence is tied to your impact. Jesus started with 12 disciples, but his influence didn’t end there, his influence is global.


“News about Jesus spread quickly over the whole region of Galilee”-Mark 1-28


I was shocked yesterday when I read about Bobrisky clinching an endorsement deal. What is Bobrisky’s talent again? Your ability to viciously communicate your message to a faithful, committed audience in this age and time is gold.


Everyday, ordinary people are using this tool to garner attention for their products, services and expertise.

Yesterday during a conversation we had with a popular radio personality, we learnt that a radio show rakes in tons of millions every year as a result of its influence and listenership


Toke Makinwa isn’t the most talented OAP in Nigeria, nor is she the most intelligent, but when it comes to influence and intentionally strutting her stuff, she is a queen in that domain.


Toke makes controversial statements, Nigerians debate over it, it trends on social media , she gets the attention of brands who need influencers for their products, Gbam! She clinches another endorsement deal. That seem to be her formular. Does it work for her? Yes it does.


Now, you don’t have to be another Toke Makinwa, but being influential in this age and time is the new currency for winning in the business world and other spheres of life. It’s a game of numbers. How many people can you reach out to?


The world needs your message

The world needs your book

The world needs your poetry

The world needs your voice

The world needs your story

The world needs that idea you have been analyzing


Don’t be contented with the miniscule, reach out to the multitudes


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