That her talent is gathering storm and gradually getting people’s attention means Theresa Edem is fast climbing the ladder to the peak of her career as an actress .Tinsel has made a major change to its cast, Theresa Edem will officially be playing the role of Angela Dede .In this interview the bubbly beautiful actress opens up on the role she won’t dare play amidst other issues.


What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done to you?
The weirdest thing a fan has done was to follow me round the mall. Even after we exchanged pleasantries .I turned around and still found him stalking me .I had to leave because I was freaked out.


What is the one role you won’t dare play?
The role I won’t play is any role that requires garden of Eden nudity.

What is your most challenging movie role?
My most challenging movie my role will be as Angela Dede on Tinsel. It is a pretty big shoe to fill, considering the fact that it’s been played by a well respected actress for over 7 years.

What drives you?
What drives me is passion for the art. The strong will to connect with people and express thoughts they can’t share with others through genuine acting .I strive to be true to my character.

Final words
Stay true to yourself, trust God and keep pushing the dream. With God all things are possible. Don’t give up and don’t give in.





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