Journalist slams Mayowa Adenekan for critiquing ‘Glamour Girls’


A journalist, Adeniyi Adewoyin a.k. a Neo Phlames has slammed digital media strategist, Adenekan Mayowa for his critique of the trending movie ‘Glamour Girls’ 



In his review of the movie, Adenekan noted that it lacks depth.



According to him:”After watching the ‘Glamour Girls’, it appears that the remake of the 1994 classic was far from the expectations of the viewers. Filmmakers who remake Nollywood classics should be careful, they can either get it right or ruin the positive recollections viewers have about the movie. For Glamours Girls the flick has more flaws than substance. It has disorganized stories that have no meeting point rather leaving the viewers confused with many unanswered questions. Another major flaw of the ‘Glamour Girls’ remake was its disjointed plot. You will understand this better after watching the film. Every scene seemed to make no sense for some odd reason, there was hardly a connecting dot between them.This movie left most of the viewers with several unanswered questions. For instance, how did Donna come to have a third hard drive? How did Emma go through a major character transformation in six months? Why did Donna seek assistance from the woman who despised her guts?”



In his reaction, Adewoyin said Adenekan’s review of the movie is biased.


” People just wake up and decide to criticize a movie without considering other factors. Mayowa Adenekan ‘s critique of ‘Glamour Girls’ is baseless and biased. The movie may not be sterling in e every aspect, but it deserves some accolades. For example , in the area of costume and location, the flick deserves an applause. It’s an above average movie”.




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