So you have not seen Lekki Wives Season 1 and Season 2, chai! Are you a learner? When I initially did a review of popular hit drama series Lekki Wives(read here, I envisaged its  going to be one of those flash in the pan flicks  that will just disappear and lose its spark , but as time went on, it has proven to be a drama series worth investing your cash on. Blessing Effiom  Egbe  has created  an alluring spectacle out of the flick. From the cast quality , screen play, production, fan engagement and visibility , the Lekki Wives  success can be replicated  and adopted in other spheres of life.

Okay let me go   straight to the point. I know you can’t   wait to learn the branding lessons Lekki Wives taught me. Below is a medley of lessons you can apply to your business cum career adopted from Lekki Wives




Create a distinct brand.

Blessing Effiom Egbe the producer, director, and writer of the flick didn’t set out to tell a tale that has already been told in other movies. She dared to employ realism and leveraged on the lifestyles and social realities peculiar to the aristocrats who reside in Lekki. As an employee or entrepreneur how can you create a different brand experience for those who do business with you? You can only earn the coveted space in your prospects mind when you bring in something fresh   and authentic to the table.

Develop a strategic approach  

The Lekki Wives crew maximized exceptional   and creative approaches to market the flick .The cast had loads of media appearances, had two premieres in the U.K-Manchester and London which Olamide graced, and   when they arrived in Lagos they were hosted by The Place .The aforementioned are sales strategies geared towards creating visibility and promoting the Lekki Wivesbrand. What unique approach can you adopt in order to market your expertise, product and service? According to Mark Sherbin:’ Brand storytelling requires an approach that uses each of the channels in your arsenal to tell your stories’



     Embrace the drama

Stories thrive on conflict and drama. This drama in turn hooks the attention of the audience until the conflict has been resolved. This best describes Lekki Wives. Uju is desperate to maintain the Lekki lifestyle by all means,Miranda ups her conniving tactics and it sure works for her, Peace ‘s husband defiles their daughter, Aisha’s husband is a drug baron and a psychotic rapist. All these character analysis comes together to form an irresistible delicacy for the audience. According to the producer, Lekki Wives season one DVD has sold more than she ever anticipated and is one of the best selling DVDs in the Nigerian market. This is as a result of the drama infused in the flick. The drama here depicts unusual ways to tell your stories and reach your audience. Your content and product offering has to be told in such a way that will appeal to your audience. For example, if you are selling a beauty product you can create a small drama sketch around your product highlighting its importance and also making sure it appeals to your target audience.



Collaborations pays

Brand collaboration is a good   way to supercharge innovation. Even the most  successful  businesses benefit from this tactic. It’s a smart move   Blessing Effiom Egbe  to have featured Jocelyn Dumas (the Ghananian curvy actress)in the second season of Lekki Wives. This will aid in making the drama series appeal to the fans of Jocelyn and also go beyond the shores of Nigeria. Leveraging on somebody else’s personal brand can also expand your brand reach and acceptance. ‘Guest starts add touch points to your story, they offer credibility to your stories’ says Mark Sherbin.

Who can you collaborate with to further expand and increase your brand’s appeal?

For the ladies Lekki Wives can be compared to clutching on to the latest LV purse, smiling into a phone during a BB chat, the feeling is so enthralling. What lessons have you learnt from Lekki Wives ?




Kehinde Ajose is a sought after publicist, talent development strategist and motivational speaker who helps individuals to discover and develop their talents in order to create wealth and become iconic brands. Follow him on  



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