Yes! People utter this statement:’ Mind your business but we hardly really mind our business.

In this information driven age and time, where it is easy to get distracted by the buzz of a status update on your phone, or a trending news on social media, it is difficult to really focus on our focus and mind our business.

One of the battles you will fight and I hope you win, is the BATTLE FOR YOUR ATTENTION.

Distractions are attractions that stops us from attaining greatness.

Not every opportunity that comes your way is for you. Your ability to determine what matters to you per time, is what will position you for success.

People who get easily distracted on their journey to greatness will not make it to their DESTINATION.

Friends who have good intentions for you will come to wave that offer of distraction to you.It is your duty to maintain your FOCUS till you WIN!

A prince preparing for the throne will not get fazed by the cacophony on his way to the palace.

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What steps do you take to maintain your FOCUS?