In a bid to bridge the gap between Nigeria and her global counterpart in areas of ICT challenges, Mascot Information and Technology Solutions holds the maiden edition of Nigeria ICT Fest.

In a new statement made available to journalists recently in Lagos. The Managing Director of Mascot Information and Technology Solutions, Mr. Agbolade Omowole said; “we are in the midst of a technological revolution and Nigeria is fortunate to be included on the cutting-edge. Emerging technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, biotechnology and genetic engineering which can of help to Nigerians.”


Whilst most of these technologies are being developed at Silicon Valley, California, USA, and other technologically developed regions of the world, there is need for Nigerians and Africa as a whole to embrace these emerging technologies.”




According to him, the need for Nigeria and Africa as a whole to be at global centre stage when it come ICT informed the idea behind organizing Nigeria ICT fest. The maiden edition of Nigeria ICT Fest will pull technology thought leaders including transhumanists, futurists and bioethicists to Nigeria to discuss emerging technologies and how they can be used by Nigerian industries, organizations and institutions to aid her socio-economic development. He added.


He said that the event is scheduled to hold on the 4th and 5th of December, 2015. And there will be talk on issues such as: ICT and entertainment industry in Nigeria, ICT and the media, ICT and the economy, ICT as a tool for social change, ICT and enterprise development, and ICT and innovation, among others.


Speakers for the event include Ben Goertzel (Artificial General Intelligence expert based in Honkong), David Pearce (UK British Philosopher), Hank Pellissier (Executive Director, Brighter Brains Institute), Zoltan Istvan (US 2016 presidential candidate), Rhonda Green (Harvard Alumnus, researcher on ageing), Michael Anissimov (thought leader in emerging technologies),Loredana Terec-Vlad (Romanian based expert on organization ethics and ethical auditing), Bryce Lynch (Information Security expert based in the USA) and Micah Redding (president, christian transhumanist association, USA).




Michael Imolode, business development manager at Mascot Information and Technology Solutions, says this is the first time we are bringing people from all continents of the world to Nigeria to speak on how ICT and human enhancement technologies can help in the social economicdevelopment of Nigeria.


Zoltan Istvan, US presidential candidate 2016, Transhumanist Party will speak on the topic, “The future of politics: how technology can aid the socio economic development of Nigeria.”


On his part, Ayemhere Aidaghese, project manager of the Nigeria ICT Fest says the event will help in motivating Nigerians to be a part of the coming technological revolution.



Partners of Nigreria ICT Fest include: Click Host Nigeria, MOVE Media, MobileSwagg, Nerd Concept, Easy Taxi, Dore Concept, thesheet.ng and Emmas Cake and Event Management



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