Nini blows hot, slams fan who says she doesn’t have a fan base

Reality TV star, Nini has slammed a troll who noted that she does not have fans following a social media post to her fan base.

Taking to the microblogging platform Twitter, Nini urged her fans to remember that self-love is a top priority and wished them a great day.

She wrote: Remember, self-love is top priority. Y’all have a great day, knights.

Reacting to this,  the troll said Nini keeps calling her fan base’s name, which does not exist, and she responded to him using a popular cliche that there’s nothing in his brain.

The troll wrote: The knights you keep call don’t exist.

Nini replied: There are two sides in your brain, On the right side, there is nothing left and on the left side, there is nothing right”.

This has elicited various reactions from her fans on social media.

@McShakara: There is nothing left again

@Sirgodric: Nice reply , everyone wanna be relevant

@Henry.ucha: Omooooo the vibe you give us the vibe you shall receive😂😂😂😂💔 she ate and left no crumbs atall

@Ahabilolowosibi: Sounds like something she heard and she’s been eager to use

@Jnrpope: Nini that was harsh

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