This is one of the most important messages you will read this year. So make sure you pay close attention.

One of the nuggets I learnt last year is to let go of who I am for who I need to be. A new year is an opportunity to redeem the time.

In the usual human fashion, we are excited, fired up to experience the gift of a new year. It is something worth smiling about. Your pastor has declared the theme for the year and you have prayed over it. You are excited about 2018, I am excited too.

But wait, this message is not another motivational post in 2018, it’s me having a heartfelt conversation with you. Some of the things I am sharing are probably things I need to work on myself ,so ‘Nobody holiness pass’.


The irony is that a new year is nothing but a change in calendar. Nothing will change If you decide it’s going to be business as usual.

Enough! Of allowing opportunities pass you by

Enough of shrinking your splendor

Enough of telling yourself you are not enough

Enough of discounting your strengths and amplifying your weaknesses

Enough of being afraid to showcase your prowess and greatness

2018 is another blank cheque, don’t dull. Have a business approach towards your life’s affairs in 2018.

Let me help you write that book this year. There is a book in every man. Your story has a commercial value.The world needs to read it.

Happy new year.

Unlock your imprisoned splendor



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