If you want to meet Genevieve Nnaji one of Nigeria’s most sought after actress what do you do?

Pray about it, send her millions of DMs on Instagram, pray to dream about her when you sleep?

The answer to the question is in this piece.

I recently saw a movie where three young damsels where having difficulties landing premium clients in their business. They were eating the cake, rather than owning the bakery. Turnaround came for them when they decided to embrace positioning. They changed their location, embraced a new disposition and became rightly positioned. A wise man once said location determines allocation.

I recently had a chat with a friend who wanted to land premium clients but he was using the wrong strategy. He was targeting the wrong audience on social media. The high paying clients you desire to have in your clientele don’t sleep and wake up on social media. You need to be rightly positioned, have the right skill set to be able to attract them.


Where do they go?

What do they read?

How do they think?


This reminds me of the story of Zacchaeus in the bible.


Oga Zachy wanted to meet Jesus but he had a diminutive height.  Jesus was passing through Jericho on his way to Jerusalem. He was short in stature and so was unable to see Jesus through the crowd.

Zachy then ran ahead and climbed a sycamore tree along Jesus’ path.


He got the attention of Jesus because he was rightly positioned. He leveraged on the sycamore tree to be able to become visible to Jesus.


Some of your prayers point will be answered If you are rightly positioned.

Haven’t you noticed that the same bottle water you buy for #100 is the same they sell for #1000 at highbrow hotels?

Your solution (product and service won’t bring in its monetary equivalent If you keep selling the right product to the wrong audience. Yes! you call yourself an asset, but are you accessible?


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