Have you ever asked yourself why some people seem to maximize opportunities in this same naija, while others are sitting in the middle of a pot of gold and are blind to it.

Mike Murdock puts it this way: ’Focus creates blindness’. When you are truly focused on a thing, you become blind to other things.

Many people often wonder how Dbanj and Don Jazzy rose swiftly in the Nigerian entertainment industry. I ask myself this same question.

That day in 2004, the duo relocated to Nigeria to pursue their passion for music armed with a robust will and fiery determination. They reached out to the influential personalities in the industry at that time. Basketmouth gave the duo one of their first shows in Nigeria which further made them more visible in the then burgeoning Nigerian music industry.

The dynamic duo gave them the ‘koko’, the crowd cheered them on as they sold the gospel of ‘No long thing ‘ at the show. Though Basketmouth paid them 50,000, D’banj confessed that they would have even done it for free.

The platform Basketmouth gave them was part of the opportunities they maximized to become household names. This happened over 15 years ago.

I can’t help but ponder on how the story would have turned out If these dudes were not smart enough to maximize the opportunity.

I ask:’ What If Dbanj and Don Jazzy had underestimated that opportunity’?

What if they had refused to give that show their best shot?

In the same vein , many people walk through life being blind to the opportunities that would have changed their lives. Some individuals even underrate golden moments that have the potential to change their life’s story. . .
. Don’t look back at your life crying over the opportunities you lost. It is never too late to redeem the moment and learn how to maximize opportunities.

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