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Other people’s opinions doesn’t matter except that of my wife- Seun Sean Jimoh

Actor and filmmaker, Seun Sean Jimoh has averred that he doesn’t care about people’s opinions about him.


Speaking in a chat with Jahbless Original Intelligence, he said: ”I don’t care about people’s opinions about me. The only person whose opinion matters is my wife. The reason is because I want to be fair and I want to be a good person”.


Sharing his thoughts on the state of the nation, he said:  ”Nigeria is an illiterate society. Even the so called educated people that went to school are not truly educated. A lot of people didn’t even develop themselves personally. A lot of people know better but they don’t want to do better. An average Nigerian complains when things are not working for them.

An average Nigeria sees nothing wrong in using an escort but would only complain when someone in an escort intimidates him”.


Jimoh who has featured in a couple of movies also noted that anybody who is going to lead Nigeria has to be firm and decisive.



“Anybody who is going to rule Nigeria has to be very firm, stern and decisive.

We live in a very hypocritical society. We lie to ourselves. We are fake, we want to impress people that doesn’t care”.


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