The duo of Sola Sobowale and Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) without any shred of doubt are hugely talented. However in any field of endeavour just being talented is not enough.

We have seen highly talented individuals who are still living below their potentials despite being talented.


Why is it that the acting prowess of Sola Sobowale a.k.a Toyin Tomato and RMD is standing the test of time?

The singular trait that has helped these veterans remain relevant is what I call re-invention.

Mastering this skill can be the difference between creating a brand that stands the test of time and one that falters and disappears.


On how he has been able to reinvent himself RMD said:” I left the scene (my dreams) for EIGHT YEARS…8 years in the entertainment industry is a life time, trust me, so I call it EIGHT LONG YEARS of being away from my dreams. Contrary to what a lot of you think and/or believe, when it was time for me to return to my dreams, I was scared, worried, uncertain, had doubts, questions and fears but hey, I went to the rock that is higher than I (God)”

The bible says you have dwelt on this mountain for too long. Re-inventing you is not about being contented on the mountain you are on; it is about being bold enough to know when to leave that mountain you have been dwelling on for too long.

When asked how she has been able to maintain her relevance, Shola Sobowale said:” First of all, I’m from a disciplined home. My late father was a retired school principal and my mom was a retired head teacher. We were taught that ‘what is worth doing is worth doing well’. This is what I’m ordained to do, this is what I love doing and when you’re doing something you love, you need to put in all your effort and energy. You must be focused, know your onions and know what you want to do. That is why you see me working like this”.

Personal brands like RMD and Sola Sobowale continue to evolve and remain relevant because they embrace change when necessary and make moves that position their brand as youthful and significant

In 2016, Nike’s revenue was US$32.4 billion. Meanwhile, a floundering Reebok was sold to Adidas in 2005 Reebok was allowed to stagnate, while Nike continued to invest in stores, products and sponsorship.

“A brand is a living entity. It has to be agile, flexible, relevant in the moment and constantly becoming better”.


What other ways does Sola Sobowale and RMD inspire you?

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