We have a global pandemic with effects that will change the way we work, live, and interact for some time to come.
At the time of writing, a part of the world’s population find themselves under lockdown and the economic powerhouses of Europe and North America grapple with the realization that they are now the epicentre of the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic.
So what strategies can you adopt in order to stay strong during these trying times?
1. Guard your heart
Asides from taking precautionary measures (Regularly and thoroughly cleaning your hands and maintaining social distancing), it is imperative to guard your heart.
According to psychologists, coronavirus-related anxiety is an understandable response to the unknown, but some people are especially vulnerable. To cope, they recommend limiting media exposure to the topic by sticking to one or two trusted sources.
What you feed your mind consistently will either make you courageous or fearful.
2. Go digital
COVID-19 has altered the way business is being done with many embracing digital platforms. A friend recently shared with me how another of her friend by just using social media more made much more money during this Covid-19 crisis.
Though, there are certain aspects of your business which you may not be able to perform online, there are many facets of every business, however, which can be digitized.
3. Learn a new skill
People get ahead during the time others waste. This period is an opportunity for you to learn something new in your sphere of influence, profession and business. While it is good to ‘Netflix and chill’, this same time can be invested in watching instructional videos, acquiring new skills and generally being on the cutting edge.
Stay safe, play safe and make this moment count.
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