How Kehinde Ajose is helping businesses craft strategic PR solutions

  Kehinde Ajose hails from Lagos State, southwestern Nigeria.He attended Lagos State University where he bagged a Bachelor of Art(B.A) in English and literary studies. Ajose who is regarded as one of Nigeria’s leading visibility strategists helps clients to craft an innovative business visibility strategy which increases their market dominance and revenue. In his words: […]

Revealed:Marketing lessons from Tinder Swindler

  Yesterday I saw the much touted Netflix documentary on Simon Leviev, The Tinder Swindler. I couldn’t but marvel at how the dude scammed the women he proclaimed to love. As humans it is pertinent be honest in our dealings with one another.   Before you read further this piece is strictly from a marketing […]

BBNaijaReunion: Erica owes Laycon an apology- Kehinde Ajose, PR expert

Media personality and founder of Visibility Solutions Media, Kehinde Ajose has averred that ex-BBNaija lockdown housemate, Erica Nlewedim ought to have apologized to Laycon, the winner of the 2020 lockdown edition of BBNaija.     According to the pop culture enthusiast, fame is fickle and at the end of the day  the man in the […]

Creating visibility for your brand in times of crisis

From having to practice social distancing and getting used to life without the outdoors to continually washing our hands and wearing masks, the Coronavirus pandemic is something none of us expected. Businesses, economies and every one aren’t exempted. A lot of entrepreneurs especially those who sell products, are perplexed about how they can still market […]


Okay I have a confession. This post was inspired by Wajusalescraft mail I got titled ‘The greatest riddle ever known to man’. What would you do in a gold rush? A gold rush is a new discovery of gold—sometimes accompanied by other precious metals. So when you discover a gold rush what are you going to do? Apparently many […]

Habits of highly unsuccessful entertainers

    Over the years I have observed great entertainers and how they have grown to become strong brands in their sphere of influence .On the flip-side, I have studied the other group of entertainers who seem to be stuck in the mud of stagnation and failure. What habits did they cultivate which made their […]

3 deadly mindsets stopping you from gaining visibility

In the course of my work as a visibility strategist, I have met countless entrepreneurs and experts whose stories and expertise would interest the media, but they become their own obstacles as a result of some limiting mind-sets they allow to rule them. MINDSET 1 I NO DEY GOOD ENOUGH Most talented people have had […]