The Johnnification of Yemi Alade

  By Kehinde Ajose Just like me,so many people didn’t give Yemi Alade consideration, until Johnny was born.The song can be compared to a magic wand changing dramatically the course of her music career.I have studied the Yemi Alade brand and decided to share of a few lessons drawn from her giant strides as a […]

What Does Success Mean To You?

  “I can’t define success”. It was the fear that haunted my thoughts that day.We were all there, gathered in that multipurpose room. “What is success?” was the opening obligatory question, the speaker asked before he proceeded into his speech.Everyone sited in the front row gave their definitions.As I was preparing to excuse myself from […]

Brand it like a superstar…Untold branding ‘Stratetricks’ of your favorite superstars

You know you’re in a battle right? Okay, so no actual weapons but you are indeed in a gory combat for the eyes and minds of people.People’s attention is getting undersized by the day.The world is a huge, congested, noisy space where everyone is jockeying for position and fighting to get noticed. So to overcome […]

Kennis Place Inspiration List: The Headliners Who Inspired Us in 2014

By Kehinde Ajose 2014 has come and almost running to an end, but there are some remarkable personalities who have through their giant strides, talent and initiatives made a positive difference in their various spheres of influence. This is not a popularity contest; this piece is focused on how these personalities have used their positive […]

Have You Been Shokied Lately?

      Suddenly the shoki dance became the dance of the moment,the rave that people crave for.I was invited for the Hennessy artistry gig last weekend and you needed to see how every one was trying out their own signature shoki dance steps. Then it occured to me:”While some people are ‘Shoking’,others are learning how to […]

First of all, are you a learner?

By Kehinde Ajose   It was Olamide, the street wise Nigerian hip-hop artiste who coined the statement, “Are you a learner?” He used it in one of his hit singles, and it has become part of our daily conversation used to criticize a green horn or somebody who is just starting out in an endeavor. […]

Can you become ‘Lagbaja ‘ for a moment?

  By Kenni The creative law of scarcity states that whenever anything is made scarce, it acquires value. Whenever something is seen everywhere it becomes common and the value placed on it dwindles. When you are seen or heard from constantly you are treated with less respect.   For anything to acquire value it must […]

Cover of Kehinde Ajose’s new book ‘Donjazzyfied’ released

By Agbolade Omowole If you are looking for one of the most influential showbiz personalities and entrepreneurs out of Africa, Don jazzy will make the list .Kehinde Ajose, respected journalist, publicist, and sought after talent development strategist has released the cover of his n ew book titled: ’Donjazzyfied’…lessons drawn from Don jazzy on how to […]