Abiodun is a young Nigerian whose insights on publishing, public speaking and pursuit of purpose will wow you.He is a multi talented creative entrepreneur.He sits atop Hedge Publishing Ventures, a fast growing publishing company.In this interview, he reveals to kenni how he makes people become authors, the price he has paid for his prize and other issues.


What made you become an author?

To start with, I think I like the use of the phrase “WHAT MADE YOU” (that is me) in the question. That simply tells you I didn’t make myself. I have a Maker. God is the Maker of us all – no matter who we are or become (positively of course). About becoming an author, this was not the path I chose. The path chose me. In my secondary school days, and as a commercial student, I used to think that I would end up becoming an accountant. But got into higher institution and studied Insurance (Not my choice, but you know how things are in Nigeria.) But as I grew in knowing God and knowing myself; developing in understanding of how God gives people talents, I began to trace it all back to my secondary school days and understood why I did well in the Art subjects compared to other subjects and so on. And then at some point I began to see it in me that I wanted to write and that was what I started doing – writing. I wrote articles, short pieces of all sorts that came to mind. I wrote ‘nonsense’, but I kept writing. But becoming an author really started in 2003 when I did my first book in December of that year. And “The rest” as they say, “is history” as I have 8 books to my credit including a recently launched one – The Call; The Passion; The Destiny! (revised).


  Tell us about who you are and what you do?

I always have some difficulty answering this particular question anytime I am asked. The reason is because I don’t do ONE THING, I do SEVERAL. Let me try and state some of the things I do: I am an author (8 books published and several articles written – over a hundred). I act… hmm… This is where I actually started from as far as discovering talents are concerned (over 25 years under my sleeves. Been on screen and on stage and rubbed shoulders with the best of the best in the industry). I do Motivational speaking and give tens of speeches every year within and outside church settings (Been around for a while. Ask the guys you know about me). I MC (Compere) events too – corporate and social events. I am a Human Resource Development practitioner/Trainer, done that with several organisations – real estate, bank and currently a Consultant HR Manager for another real estate company and Programmes/Training Manager for her sister company (City Planners and Investment Company and CitiHigh Resources Ltd). I also manage my own growing publishing outfit – Hedge Publishing Ventures. And of course one or two other things here and there. Sigh!


           How old where you when you started?

Ah! With all I have enumerated above how do I answer this question? Well, I will say I started quite early somehow, because I started acting from when I just finished my primary education at about age 13. And then of course was just enjoying myself and having fun doing these things. When I authored my first book in 2003 I was 27 (but you know I started writing way before then).


Was there a time you felt like giving up?

NO! Remember I said earlier that I thought I was going to become an accountant, then ended studying Insurance. It was in my HND year that I knew that I wasn’t going to go the way of Insurance, but the way of these things I do. And when I was starting I asked myself the sincere question of how long and how far would I be willing to wait and fight to see the dream become real? Because I knew it might not be easy. But then I was also sincere enough to tell myself I was going to wait for as long as it would take. And believe me, there have been difficult times, real difficult times, but I am still here in the game and that is why you are conducting this interview with me.


What are the high points of your entrepreneurial journey?

I have quite a number of clients that I have helped achieve their dreams of becoming authors. But since we are talking about the high point(s), let me mention that I have a client who worked with the presidency as a consultant during the last administration on the Niger-Delta Amnesty programme. I also have a company that has a number of subsidiaries and they are into Oil and Gas (Don’t forget that printing as a business is a part of publishing, so apart from core publishing we undertake printing projects).





Greatest testimony you have heard about someone who read your book will be….

I can share several of such testimonies with you, I mean several, but for space and time, let me spare you and just share one from one of my other books titled Make that Move. I got a text message that read, “I read your book Make that Move and was motivated to work on an idea that had been locked in my mind for years and now it is blessing the world. Thank you.” You can read more testimonies in The Call; The Passion; The Destiny!


What is the greatest price you have paid for your dream?

I have had to forgo many things that people of my age go after and which are not necessarily bad. I have had to put up with been labelled a fool. I have had to live from hand to mouth. I have had to watch my colleagues and mates ‘seemingly’ move ahead. I have had to refuse to attend some functions because I didn’t match up in status. I have paid a huge price for my dreams…


Can you share with us your tale of triumph?

My Tale of Triumph is that over the years I have seen the highs and lows of what it means to pursue ones dreams and know first-hand that even in a country like ours with all the challenges, dreams do have wings and can fly carrying the dreamer along and soaring into greater heights of achievement and fulfilment. Doing what you love is my personal mantra, rather than loving what you do (a subject for another day I guess).





What is your final word for youths out there who might be reading this?




Very simple! From my repertoire of short write-ups, 3D to fulfilment is what I will advise – Desire it; be Determined to achieve it; stay Disciplined along the way and refuse the negative D – Distraction. That is my recipe for Distinction in life © #Abbeylosophy

The second is like unto it. Learn to do for #FREE what you do for #FUN until you can begin to charge a #FEE. That is the key to #Fulfilment. © #Abbeylosophy


Abiodun Mabadeje (aka Abbeylosophy)



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