The holiday is over. Get into the game


I looked around me and I realized that most people are still in the holiday mode. While some individuals are already grinding at work, strategizing on how to make 2018 an awesome year, others are however still wishing that the holidays won’t end.


It was @UcheNnaji who said : “ While Billionaires & Millionaires resumed work on the 2nd of Jan ,most artisans /Domestic staff who are likely to become broke in a few weeks are still away from work spending what they worked from Jan-Dec.”.


The game of 2018 has already started. Don’t be left behind. The first half of every football march is not only meant to rest, it’s also meant to strategize on creating a game-plan that will guarantee results.


Don’t be carried by the whole euphoria and frenzy of the New Year, and you refuse to play the game of 2018. It is over guys! The pen you need to write your story in 2018 is already in your hands. Make it count.


Talking about writing, everyone has a message. The world needs to read your story. There is a book in you. You don’t have to be as successful as Folorunsho Alakija  to consider writing your own book. Your unique experiences, expertise, competence and skills are enough to be distilled in a book this year. I want to help you make that happen this year. Feel free to reach me.



Now, let’s get back to work!