Have you ever met that individual that was touted to be a success, had all the traits but never amounted to anything despite the potential for success?

This is the story of a guy I would love to call Sola.

Sola is tall , dark and handsome. He discovered his musical abilities as a teenager and gave it his all. Sola represented our school in music competitions, sang the national anthem whenever we had guests in school back then.

The teachers loved his voice, girls swoon over his voice.

His friends nicknamed him ‘King’. He had the confidence of a king , whenever he opens his mouth to sing, it sounded like  blending Timi Dakolo and Waje’s voice….melodious.

After secondary school, Sola gained admission into UNILAG and what was supposed to further expose his musical ingenuity, became his bane.

He got distracted,dumped his music ambitions and majored on the minor,associating with the slay queens and big boys in school.


The last story I heard about Sola was that drugs were found on him at the airport on his way to Dubai.

Sola had a lot of potential for success ,but ended up in jail

To whom much is given, much is required.

I know you have met people like Sola , who had all the trappings of greatness but ended up living below their potential.

Potential is nothing if it cannot be converted to success.

“You are charming”

“You are brilliant”

“I know say one day, you go blow”

These are comments that you hear from time to time..hinting that you have potentials.


Don’t let your present potential become the barricade that hinders you from the possibilities of the future. Convert your potential energy into kinetic energy.

How would you feel if you had the opportunity to take a glimpse into what you are capable of doing, but you refused to do?

According to TK coleman:” The more potential you have, the greater the demands you need to place on yourself. It’s not enough to feel flattered by your theoretical ability to do creative work”.

Don’t become the uncrowned ‘King’







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