Publicity-Insider  By Kehinde Ajose


I slept that day feeling like a king. I had appeared on a TV programme earlier that day to do a motivational session meant to usher people into the new year. The producer of the show was on the lookout for speakers who can do a career enhancement presentation; she did a Google search on the subject matter and found my contact. Gaining visibility for your craft isn’t going to happen by miracle or magic, it is intentional. The experts you applaud and laud have learnt the secrets I will be sharing with you. Let’s get started.


SECRET 1.Create a platform


If you desire to pass your message across and get heard, you need a platform to get it across. I have come across entertainers who are incredibly talent but they whine about the fact that they don’t have a platform. A platform is something that enables you to get seen and heard. When one thinks of an expert who has created a platform to spread his “Gospel”, the name Leke Alder comes to mind. Leke Alder is a brand consultant who has used the tool of Twitter and Facebook to stretch his competence. On Saturdays he serves his followers relationship tips through his Jack and Jill platform, while on Sundays he dishes topical issues pertaining to Christendom. Now, think of a platform you can create to spread your competence.


Secret 2:Be memorable




In this age when it is difficult to get people’s attention, it is imperative to tread the path of being memorable. If what you do isn’t memorable, it won’t get you the visibility you desire. What makes Maheeda’s social media followers anticipate her raunchy content is because it has an unforgettable effect on them. A doctor is more likely to prescribe a drug that has a memorable effect on other doctors. Facebook and Twitter are only technologies, its you do on those platforms that makes you memorable.


Secret 3:Teach what you know




Derek Sivers puts it this way: “What is obvious to you, is amazing to others”. I have met lots of experts who are quiet about their expertise. They complain about the fact that they don’t get the publicity they need, yet they don’t talk about what they do. In Nigeria’s entertainment terrain , the duo of Don jazzy and Alibaba are known to use their social media platforms to teach what they know. Don Jazzy trended on Twitter some months back for his teaching session titled #Beforeyoufinallyblow.


Secret 4:Cultivate your disciples




Your disciplines are the individuals who believe in your message, share your message and rave about your expertise.It is impossible to engage “Disciples” you haven’t cultivated. A blogger, singer, comedian, entrepreneur, speaker is nothing without an audience. Who is Linda Ikeji without her readers? In 1872, George Sand, a French novelist, wrote that the artist has a “duty to find an adequate expression to convey it to as many souls as possible. This should be your responsibility.Whatever you do, you need an audience that will feed on your content .Dont wait till they day you need an audience.Start today by cultivating an audience one day at a time.




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