Every change comes wrapped with a consequence. Every true change will not leave you the way it found you. It either leaves you better or worse. I know you have set some goals for the New Year, but have you sat to ask yourself this question:” Who must I become to be able to achieve these goals”? Now this is the story.


I was meant to do an update on my phone. I procrastinated on the update because I was care of its consequence. I asked myself-questions like:” Will this update make my phone faster? “Will it change the setting?” I was just scared. Fortunately, the update came out well, enabling the functionality of the gadget.


Transformation comes with sacrifice. A better life starts with a better you. A better you starts with making better choices
If you desire to earn 20million this year, have you asked yourself who you must become to be able to attract that amount of money? Are you prepared to make adjustments in your spending habits? Are you prepared to acquire more skills that will over time enable you achieve your goal?

You just must ask yourselves these questions.
Nigeria made a change in its leadership, but the so called CHANGE  changed and now we are living with the consequences. Just before you press that change button, think of the consequences.

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It is possible. God bless you.



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