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My mom would say ‘You might not be able to do things like a person who can see. But there are always two ways to do everything. You just have to find the other way.” – Ray Charles
“When I came to Lagos to do music , I didn’t have a place to stay, I didn’t know anybody, but I took a step of faith and was determined to succeed’
– Ice Prince

Panshak  Zamani  moved to Lagos in 2008 and was officially signed to Chocolate City Music the same year.He won Hennessey Artistry in 2009 and released his first single’’Oleku” followed by “Superstar’’.His debut album’’Everybody Loves Iceprince” hit the market in October 2011 and he’s been busy gracing concerts across Nigeria, Africa, and Europe.He has clinched several awards including ‘The Headies Best Rap Single,Best African Act-Ghana Music Awards.e.t.c. But behind all these accolades and success stories is a young dude who has been able to convert his lemons into lemonades.He is an orphan, dropped out of school when money became an issue,hustled his way to stardom through sheer determination and steel will.In his words :


“One day, I just took that bold step to come to Lagos. Among our crew, M.I. came to Lagos first. After M.I., Jesse and I felt the need to follow to pursue our musical career. We came to Lagos in a night bus. This was about three years ago. We came and we didn’t have a place to stay, we didn’t know anybody that much. And at the time, M.I. was squatting with his friend Djinee—the one who sang: If you help me see Ego. M.I. was squatting with Djinee and we came to Lagos and were squatting with M.I. who was squatting with Djinee. We were basically sleeping on the carpet. That was how life was. And we were hustling and hustling, trying to get our music heard, performing here and there, trying to get people to accept our music. It took some time for us to be recognized. At least, we are gaining our own grounds now.
In Lagos, I got a job in one studio to be recording radio programmes, just to earn some money. Next, I got a job with some agencies to host some events. I did Sprite Triple Slam, I hosted it. It was about basketball, music and dance. They go to cities, do events, play basketball, they have music, they have dance. I did 15 areas in Lagos, did 15 in the east, we went to five states in the east. I also did events for Benson and Hedges, hosting their events as MC. I went to Abuja with them, I went to Calabar with them, I did some in Lagos. Gradually and gradually, I started pushing on with my music here and there, putting my music on the Internet and people downloading them and from the Internet, it just kept going round and round. Now, I can boast I have one of the biggest songs in the country which is Oleku.”






Maximize Your Inspired Moments
Inspired moments are periods in life when we suddenly capture ideas without deliberately thinking about them.For Ice Prince his inspired moment was when he got the idea of “”Oleku”.

According to him,:” Oleku came to me mysteriously. It was God-sent. I cannot explain what happened. God gave me the song. The first thing that came to me when I was writing that song was the line: “Feeling the boy, eh, feeling the, feeling the boy eh…”



That was the first thing that came to me. And I was singing that in the studio. At that time we were living in M.I.’s house. I went downstairs to the studio and we started working on the chords and the song started flowing and I started composing the other parts. Later, I called Brymo to the studio, we sat down together, put our ideas together and the song came out. Yeah, it is true that without Brymo’s input, the song would not have been interesting. I agree with that. I am the first to admit that I don’t have a good voice. That was why I didn’t sing it myself. I would have sung it myself but my voice is not that good. It is okay for a man to accept his weakness. My voice was not that good and I put Brymo on it. And he did a good job on it, and I give him credit for that. But at the end of the day, it’s my song, I wrote that song. To get the title of that song, I started by asking: “How do you say in Yoruba: I’m hard or I’m strong?” And people around me started this one, that one. And then I heard the Oleku and I love the sound of the word instantly. And we started messing around with it. And it came out fine. The message of Oleku is that: I am a strong person, I am a hard person. I was praying for myself throughout the song. I was saying stuff like: “I hope they play this, so I can grow up from low to apex, until my account is fat and shapeless…”



It’s a prayer for myself. I was just praying that God blesses my career, God blesses my talent. So far, God has answered my prayers and God is still answering my prayers. I am doing well now. I am able to take care of a lot of responsibilities that I wouldn’t have been able to take care of before now. Now, I am paying school fees for a lot of people—my sisters and others. I feel blessed to help people. I get calls from everywhere in Nigeria, from places I have never been to in my life and people are soliciting for my help. I feel happy helping people. God put me there so I can bless other people.”Oleku made Iceprince a superstar and changed the direction of his career.



iceprince van

“Oleku did very well for me. It did well in the market. It has been rated by most people to be the biggest song in Nigeria for 2010 and probably one of the top 5 biggest songs in the last 10 years. It has been rated by most people like that. If you check on Google, it is the most remixed song. It has up to 32 remixes in Ghana, it has countless remixes in Nigeria as well, a lot of remixes in London, a lot of remixes in America. It did very, very well in the market. It was a very successful song for me. When I travel out, I see people, white people, black people loving Oleku. Old people, young people, small, small children loving Oleku. That’s a blessing for me. “He recalls
Never underestimate your inspired moments.Most of the money making ideas I got were inspired when I least expected.

What do you see?
“Big thinking precedes great achievement.” says Wilfred Peterson.In the words of Mister Zamani:” I think I’m even living more than my dreams. When I started music, my short term plan was to be MI’s boy, that guy that just follows MI. Luckily for me, I’ve been able to create my own lane even off of MI so it doesn’t look like I’m MI’s shadow. Now that I’m here, I have bigger dreams, I want to take my music to the world stage but I’m comfortable where I am.”Vision is a critical force in becoming a success.What do you see about your future.Dont just dream, dream kingsize!

I hope Ice prince’s story has been able to inspire you.Beyond the inspiration, I do hope it will encourage you to pursue your dreams,rise above your challenges , thus becoming a voice in your generation.



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