Personal branding expert cum co-founder, has averred that her personal branding online course will ignite a fire in Nigerian women.

Speaking in a chat with TheNewsGuru, the MD/CEO of said: “Africa is rising and the role of women in this season is very critical to how far we go as a continent. The world has been missing out on the impact that women can bring in leadership and business.

This course will literally ignite a fire in women, who will rise to the challenge of changing things for good by taking on leadership positions, building sustainable businesses and re-engineering existing companies.

 “The course will make them aware of what they bring to the table and help them project it boldly through their strong personal brands”.

Shedding light on the challenges she encountered during the conception of the course, she said: “My first challenge was finding the right platform. I am largely pro made in Nigeria and so I wanted a platform developed and maintained here. Also, I didn’t want to carry the risk of exchange rate fluctuations by bearing forex overhead costs while charging in local currency. Luckily I found and we have built a relationship since.

“Of course, there is also the challenge of good internet access, so I had to find ways to blend the classes such that even when you do not have access to strong internet, you are not lost in class”.

On how the emergence of strong personal brands will impact the economy, the Chemical engineering graduate averred: “First of all, there would be more news of positive influencers out of Nigeria – we could use some of that! We have so many outstanding women like Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, doing amazing things. It will improve the overall perception about the country and attract investment.

Like I also stated earlier, we will have more women building businesses for sustainability rather than sustenance because they know they can; this will create more employment and reduce poverty”.


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