As we step into 2019 with a lot of hope and expectations, below are the 5 visibility mistakes you don’t want to make in 2019.

  1. Refusing to document your expertise and experience

In 2019, refuse to make the mistake of not documenting your expertise. If you are a marketing expert ,this is the year to document your expertise either in form of a book, video course, audio programme etc. For your to be considered an authority, there will be a need to document your expertise this year.




2.Not having visibility channels

Visibility channels are platforms which showcases your expertise, the service you render and puts the spotlight on you.These platforms will keep the door of your business opened so prospects can come in.  Your own visibility channel might be a radio show, it might be writing a column on your area of expertise for a mainstream online newspaper, It may be having a segment on a TV show.


3.Not commenting on trending issues.

We are at a time in the media where experts will be sought after and questioned over how to approach 2019 in their various industries. How are you positioning yourself to be the go-t- expert that will be called upon. Don’t just wish your followers a happy new year, proffer solutions on how to navigate in 2019. I deployed this strategy years back and it worked for me on a TV show.


4.Not networking with Influencers

Let 2019 be the year you won’t stand alone. You might need to stand on the shoulders of the giants in your industry for that big break to come. Imagine if you work in the beauty industry and a Tara Durotoye recommends your new beauty product. Think about it.


  1. Refusing to leverage on videos and stories


Social media experts like Harriet Chamberlain have predicted that there is going to be a huge boom in the usage of videos and stories in 2019.

Video has been named as a huge trend for the last few years and that doesn’t show any signs of stopping. In fact, some sources have noted that  in 2019, 80% of what we consume online will be video.

A recent study shows that people currently spend 2.6 hours a day online compared to 2.7 hours a day watching television. 45 minutes of this is spent watching mobile videos.


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