Doing Abnormal Things For Cash?

By Ariyike


We live in a world where abnormal occurences have gradually started making their way into our normal small world. Things that used to be abominations are things we now hear about on a regular basis.

A few days ago, I read a real life story about a 19 year old boy in Edo state who was caught having sex with a dog. He confessed that he had had sex with different dogs five times. Yesterday, I read about another 19 year old boy who raped a chicken until it died. That same boy had previously had sex with a goat in the past. Then, I saw a picture of a creature on Don Jazzy’s Instagram page that looked as if it was half chicken, half fish. Let’s also not forget the Ebola virus that can be contacted through interaction with certain animals/birds.

All these happenings took me back to some real life stories I had heard in the past. I will share two of them with you. The first one being one that my family friend shared with me. She used to be the personal assistant (P.A) to a top Lagos society woman. The woman’s private office was located inside her home. She had a skinny black cat that was always clinging on to her. My family friend, (a university graduate) used to do a lot for her madam. She even used to clean her room, even though Madam had a housekeeper but she wasn’t allowed into her room. Her P.A was the only person allowed into Madam’s room. One day, P.A walks into Madam’s room, Madam didn’t even realise that P.A was inside because Madam was in cloud 9. Guess what was going on? Madam’s cat was giving her a lick. Her cat was giving her head as in oral sex. Her P.A quietly walked out, carried her things and never went back to work.

The second story was one that a cab man shared with my neighbour and I. He had taken one of his female passengers to a mansion in Lekki. The owner of the house, a rich chief had come to open the gate by himself. He had no security man. Cab man was so humbled that such a rich man could come and open the gate by himself. Cab man drove in, passenger disembarked from vehicle, chief and passenger hugged and they both went inside mansion. After about 30 minutes, passenger started screaming “help help”. Cab man said he didn’t even think about going to help because he was afraid for his own life and wanted to drive out. He got
to the gate only to realise gate had been locked with a huge padlock.

Cab man unleashes his cutlass, creeps quietly to where initial noise was coming from, peeps through almost tinted window of chief’s house to find chief holding a snake and slowly inserting snake in and out of passenger’s vagina. Cab man quietly pukes on the spot and returns to vehicle.

After about 15 minutes, passenger arrives excitedly with a huge bag of cash. Chief opens gate for cab man and snake shagger. They say their goodbyes. Snake shagger begins to call her female friends to tell them chief gave her one million Naira (1, 000, 000 naira) for coming to see him that she didn’t even sleep with him. She didn’t mention that she was made to sleep with a snake. Cab man said he couldn’t believe his ears. He kept shaking his head and wondering how gullible her friends must be. Cab man finally arrives passenger’s home about 10 minutes away from chief’s mansion, all within Lekki. Cab man had initially charged two thousand Naira (2000 naira). As passenger alighted from taxi, she took out one hundred thousand naira (100, 000 naira) from her bag of cash and gave it to him. Cab man said he was too scared to collect the money with his hands because he felt it was blood money so he told her to drop money on the front seat. He never disclosed if or how he ever spent the money. I asked him how old the passenger was and he said she cannot be more than 24 years old. Now this girl may have a young boyfriend who she will pass snake semen to. That one is story for another day.

Do these people even know the spiritual and legal implications of their actions? Having sex with an animal is sinful, dirty, disgraceful, degrading and unlawful. You can actually get arrested for it. It is an offence against morality. *Permit me to wear my lawyer hat* This act is classified under unnatural offences in Section 214 sub section 2 which states that any person who has carnal knowledge of an animal is guilty of a felony and he is liable for imprisonment for 14 years if he is found guilty.

My message is mainly for the young girls out there. Greed is really killing a lot of young females in our society. We can all see that the world is full of material things. However, contentment is one virtue that many are lacking. Don’t look at anyone and think they are richer or better than you. Focus on your craft and work towards developing yourself. You may not have all you want now but with God, hard work and dedication, you will get there. Stop comparing yourselves with your friends. You don’t know what your friend is doing for money. Committing the act of bestiality should never be a way of making money. Learn to face your front and stop looking at what others have.

 I want people to learn from this. Please share real life stories you’ve heard about the scariest things people have done for money.

About Ariyike Akinbobola

Ariyike Akinbobola is a lawyer turned media personality. She is an associate producer/TV presenter for Spice TV’s talk show “On the Couch” and Spice Toys. You can also watch her on her Youtube channel Ariyike Weekly. She is married with children. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @LadyAriyike. She blogs at




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