A prideful person doesn’t even know he is proud and that is the sad thing about the aftermaths of pride.

As a personal brand or expert you need to consciously become deaf to the applause of men in order not to use it as the basis for what you do.

The toxic nature of ego has made many rising stars destroy relationships that are meant to be instrumental to their success.


A hit song can turn you into a viral sensation and at the same time destroy you depending on how you handle the success. Personally, I try not to dwell too long on any milestone accomplished.

I have met people from different walks of life who have amazing potentials but allowed ego destroy them.

One of the signs that you are in a love affair with ego is when you are not teachable. When you resist instruction and correction, you are on the path to destruction.

In the entertainment industry for instance, I have met several up and coming talents who allow ego destroy them.

The moment they feature in one or two movies and start getting likes and comments on social media, they begin to exhibit ego driven attitudes.

If you have to start from the bottom to achieve your goals, please start. Even while at the top, don’t be too ‘made’, that you cannot even do occasionally things you were used to doing when you were climbing the ladder.


 Don’t let pride come in the way of your progress.


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