The dream of every entrepreneur, expert and thought leader is to become a media superstar and convert media attention into sales and profit.


It’s one thing to get media attention for your expertise it’s another thing to be able to package your knowledge, skills, abilities, experiences in such a way that you would continually get noticed in the media and profit from media exposure.


I am qualified to talk about this because I have had some amazng results from my media exposures and apperances.






Most sought after thought leaders and entrepreneurs are also teachers who educate their clients and audience about the services they render, not as medium to market but as a way to educate their target market. Experts have opinions. The media values people who give us perspective on things that matter.


You sell clothes; educate people on how to combine colours and best clothes to wear during the yuletide season.





The media loves to see people who have opposing views that can provoke public debate. Don’t just be controversial for the sake of it, make sure the strong stance you take, is what you can defend. Controversy creates conversations around your brand. You cannot afford to always play it safe.



@Iamsteveharris wrote an article about Bobrisky a couple of months ago. Many Nigerians termed it controversial but it got him a lot of mentions in the media.





The media is interested in people who have spearheaded a movement. Though Nathaniel Bassey’s ‘Halleluyah Challenge wasn’t aimed at being noticed in the media, but it sure got him mentions on several local and international news mediums.




Back in 2010, I had a session on a TV show where I was asked to make a prediction concerning what career people should do in the New Year. It further pushed my brand to the front burner. As an expert in your field, what predictions can you make about 2019? This will get you unsolicited media exposure.


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