In 2014, I released a free chapter of my book, ‘Donjazzyfied , the idea behind the free chapter was to whet people’s appetite and test the market. The free chapter got downloads and sparked people’s curiosity. This game the impetus to release the book in 2015 which by the way sold copies, got me media apperances and made people pay attention to my brand.

Why do you keep patronizing the Suya seller in your vicinity? Perhaps it is because of the free chunk you get. The free chunk allows you to have an idea of how enjoyable the suya is and then you will voluntarily part with your money without being coerced

This is exactly what free does to your business.

The ‘free strategy gives your ideal clients and prospects a taster of what to expect down the line.

The essence of the free to paid strategy is to build trust and emotional connection with your prospect.

If you are a fashion stylist, you can have a 30 mins free styling session where you share tips and strategies with your prospects. The idea is to eventually sell the main ‘dish’…the monetized service that you render.

This strategy is applicable to any industry , if you think hard enough and are creative about it. Make sure your free strategy isn’t costing you much.

A free session or strategy doesn’t diminish your expertise or skill. It is a marketing tool that helps you to build credibility and trust with your ideal client.

Make sure your main offer is well structured, organised and convincing.

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