One of the perks I got when I started writing was that I got paid doing what I love. My first speaking engagements came as a result of a newsletter I published in those days called ‘M.O.V.E WITH KENNY’.A lot of people read it and it birthed speaking gigs.

However the story didn’t start that way.

One of the things I did was that I decided what I wanted to be known for as a writer.

My forte wasn’t writing about politics or relationship tips. I majored on writing about talent development and it paid off. So you need to decide and identify what you desire to be known for. You cannot be a general writer to everybody. Major on your core area of strength.

Be consistent and committed

No one becomes an authority by showing up occasionally. You need to do the work and play the game of commitment. Constantly writing about the subject matter you are passionate about increases your likeability and position you as an authority.

Those days before social media became this intense, the print media was my major visibility medium.

I recall writing for the likes of Punch,Vanguard, Businessday. I just wanted to be heard.

Increase your reach

No matter how good you are as a writer, If people don’t know you exist your impact and influence will be limited.

What I did to increase my reach those days was to maximize every possible writing platform available .

As a student back in 2008, I was writing 2 columns every week for Vanguard and Businessday. I also reached out to comedian and showbiz practitioner, Gbenga Adeyinka.

He gave me the opportunity to write a column In his then magazine,’Laffmattazz. The more people you reach to, the better for you.

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